How the electric component of wave functions ‘slots’ into the prime number sequence and where it doesn’t.

How the Electron Configuration 'Slots' into the Prime Sequence


What do you see when you look at this: an image designed by carlos paris of prime number circles

This is a graphic built by Carlos Paris - you can see how here - Carlos was trying to find the millionth prime number to win a prize. He didn’t realise it was the millionth digit prime…


finding primes with a sieve 

He used circles and a sieve to find the prime numbers and with just over 100 circles in his sieve he was able to find primes up to 20,000 - pretty cool.


carlos paris prime numbers 4 

But that’s not what I saw when I looked at his picture…



take a look again


finding primes with a sieve 

This is what I saw...


prime numbers and the electron configuration of atomsThe electron configuration of atoms ‘slots’ in the prime number sequence.


Let me say that again - the electron configuration of atoms - the most important sequence in science FITS into the prime number line…. WOW



and that’s true right until the 4s1 or the 20th electron or the 4p shell which is here on the periodic table:


 20th element periodic table

It's accurate for the first 20 elements and just as you hit the transition metals which in itself is interesting because transition metals have unusual properties - I guess if you sequence is going to go wrong anywhere at the start of the transition metals is as good a spot as any.


It’s worth pointing out that there is another ‘electron’ sequence that also goes wrong here too…Aufbau Principle so I put turned the circles into waves and that’s when it got really interesting.





The differences are well studied... this site focuses on the gaps in the prime number sequence.




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